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CBI Tradewatch, broadcasting your trade statistics

CBI Tradewatch is one of a range of tools developed and constantly updated by CBI Market Intelligence. This particular MI Product offers you a visual analysis of the most important trade developments and forecasts for your sector – both current and expected ­– on the EU and EFTA markets. You can use this market intelligence to keep in step with the latest developments on the EU and EFTA markets and to anticipate future developments. Significantly, the trends and forecasts discussed in CBI Tradewatch have been identified from the specific perspective of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and BSOs in developing countries, like yours. This means CBI Tradewatch goes far beyond generic market outlines, pinpointing specific developments relevant to your export ambitions. Watch the Cut Flowers Tradewatch here.

Leading Belgian retailers in 2010

2010 was an important year for the Belgian distribution market. This was the year Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn officially confirmed its arrival, Delhaize started an offensive and Carrefour also showed a fighting spirit again. With the Dutch threat so definitive all of a sudden, there even was the possibility of a price war.

But what was the actual result for the supermarkets and what was the real result according to the figures? Following a good annual tradition Marketing Map prepared their report.
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EU safety controls adjusted for imported plant origin products

Certificates of exported plan origin products are checked systematically at EU borders, while physical checks are performed at a lower frequency. But, the frequency of these physical checks is increasing in order to determine the possible presence of substances that may pose a risk to human and animal health, such as aflatoxins in nuts and pesticides in fruit and vegetables.
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