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CBI provides training on internal and external customer handling in Ethiopia

cbi training ethiopia 2015-06Orientation workshop about internal and external customer handling was undertaken by CBI for EHPEA member farms at EHPEA headquarters on June 11 and 12, 2015.

The workshop has an objective of enabling farm production and postharvest managers to understand the marketing trend of floriculture and their customers’ behavior. Experiences from the EU market have also been discussed along with practical exercises.

Representatives from various farm clusters like Braam, Ethio-Passion, Desa Plants, Ethio-Agriceft, Marginpar, Tal Flowers, Roshanara, Joytech, Olij Roses, Gunna Flowers, Minaye Flowers, Freesia and Enyi Ethiopia were in attendance.

Source: EHPEA News

Workshop EU Market Research in Vietnam

In April, about 30 Vietnames exporters participated in a joint CBI and ITPC workshop about Market Research. The course, which was carried out with collaboration by ProVerde, aims to provide exporters with knowledge, skills and tools to collect and analyse data about EU markets, EU buyers, and EU restrictions to export/trade and trade channels.

The market research workshops are designed to be practical and focus around individual and group exercises to complement the short blocks of theory.
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Master Classes Flower Export 2009 in Ethiopia

Following the success of the previous training activities and upon request of the Ethiopian flower sector, CBI organised four Master Classes as a key activity of CBI’s 2009 floricultural training programme in Ethiopia. The programme was developed in close cooperation with EHPEA and focused on different aspects of flower export marketing.

In the course of the Master Class training series, participants wrote a concise export marketing plan. The structure of the export marketing plan was used as the framework for the special topics covered in the training programme: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), post-harvest and logistical requirements, market research in the flower business, getting the best price on the auction, and internal and external communication and client orientation. Continue reading

Workshop Customer Orientation for Guatemalan growers

Below you find a selection of photos of the Workshop External and Internal Customer Orientation for Guatemalan growers of flowers, foliage, plants and young plants. The two-day workshop was held on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 February 2010.

The CBI training activity was organised together with Agexport, the Guatemalan Exporters Association.

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Export development programmes for cut flowers in Kenya, Uganda, Egypt and South Africa

CBI’s Export Development Programmes (EDP) for cut flowers are designed to help entrepreneurs in selected African countries to adapt to EU market requirements in order to create conditions for market entry or market consolidation. ProVerde has been involved in many parts of the programme.

Each country programme combined different elements: technical assistance, training in export marketing and management and market entry assistance. In Egypt for example, the programme mainly focused on logistic cooperation and certification. In Kenya, CBI was of the opinion that there is enough knowledge available in the country itself to help to companies to develop their product quality, so instead the programme focused on developing export marketing (including a market tour to the Netherlands), HRM skills of the middle managers, and cooperation between the farms. In Uganda, improvement of product quality and farm management were the main issues, next to marketing training. Continue reading

Market tours for flower exporters from Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia

During a series of market tours organised by ProVerde for CBI, companies were invited for a one-week market tour in The Netherlands.

When having the desire to export to the EU, it is essential for exporters to understand how the market operates. Who is buying flowers and what does that buyer expect from it? What happens with price and market position if this expectation is not fulfilled?

The market tours generally consisted of a combination of company visits and supporting workshop trainings. Continue reading

Final Master Class Flower Export to be held in Addis Ababa

On Thursday 3 and Friday 4 December, the fourth and final Master Class Flower Export 2009 will be held in the Global Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

During the training, participants will finalise their work on their individual Export Marketing Plan (the last segments being the action plan and management responsibilities). We will also look into a number of internal communication related subjects like vertical and horizontals communication lines in the farm and change management.

A full block will be used to look into the subject “How to choose the right varieties”. An average rose plant economically produces flowers for about 3 to 5 years. Then the mother plant will be uprooted and replaced. Choosing varieties is one of the critical strategic choices a (rose) grower has to make. The choice depends both on production and market criteria and should be in line with the overall identified marketing strategy. During the training session, important criteria for variety selection are discussed (production vs. market issues). Participants are shown how Product Life Cycle (PLC) analysis can be used as a tool to assist them in choosing the right variety. A number of case studies have been prepared to bring the theory of PLC analysis into practice.

Photos from the September Ethiopia training missions

Below you find a selection of photos of the third Master Class Flower Export and the Workshop External and Internal Customer Orientation. Both training activities were organised as part of the CBI/EHPEA training programme for flower exporters in Ethiopia.