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CBI sector alert for the cut flowers sector.

CBI just published a new sector alert for the cut flower sector. CBI’s Sector Alerts aim to provide BSOs and exporters in developing countries with insights and recommendations concerning the latest developments in their sector.

This Sector Alert on Cut Flowers focuses on the consequences of the recent international financial and economic crisis. Challenges and opportunities are highlighted, in order to assist exporters in their market orientation and market entry strategy.

Key-issues covered in this sector alert are:
1. Global economic crisis increases pressure to professionalise cut flowers sector
2. Virtualisation to reduce transaction costs
3. Crisis forces accelerated restructuring of trade channels
4. Potential and risks of sea freight

Besides discussing the implications of the global economic crisis on the cut flowers sector, this sector alert also focuses on opportunities the crisis offers for companies to beat their competitors and lift the flower sector to a higher level.

The sector alert was compiled in collaboration with ProVerde.
You can download the full sector alert via the CBI website or request a copy via ProVerde (use comment to this post).