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Developing a Horticulture Development Strategy in Ethiopia

In 2005, the Ethiopian Horticulture Producers and Exporters Association (EHPEA) requested the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia to finance a process towards the preparation of a Horticulture Development Strategy in Ethiopia. ProVerde participated in the research for the Horticulture Development Strategy.

The general objective of this process was to create a sector-wide and export-oriented development strategy for the Ethiopian horticulture sector developed and widely accepted by relevant stakeholders.

In December 2005, a fact finding mission was organised to analyse the horticulture sector in Ethiopia and to identify the main strengths and bottlenecks to development of the sector. An inventory was made of opportunities for diversified horticulture production and exports.

In January 2006, a consultation and feedback mission to Ethiopia was carried out, during which a workshop cum public event was held with relevant stakeholders of the public, private and NGO sector to present the draft strategy report and project outlines.