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Ethiopian farm nominated for Dutch Flower Award

The trade companies of the Dutch Flower Group (DFG) have nominated ten growers for the Dutch Flower Award 2009, amongst which an Ethiopian lily and Costa Rican foliage farm. The award will be handed out on Thursday, October 15th during the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer (formerly known as the Aalsmeer Market).

A total of ten growers have been nominated in the categories flowers, plants and imports. DFG introduced the award eight years ago to put suppliers with exceptional qualities in the spotlight.

This year, the Ethiopian lily farm Langano Lily is one of the nominated companies. Langano Lily is member of the Klaver Lily Group. The Klaver Lily Group decided to start this new business establishment in Ethiopia because of the rising gas prices and the high labour- and investment costs in the Netherlands. Due to the good investment climate in Ethiopia, it is better possible to control the rising costs.

ProVerde would like to congratulate Tekabe Samuel of Langano Lily who participated in the CBI/EHPEA workshop, which was held on 21-22 September in Addis Ababa. The workshop on “External & Internal Customer Orientation” focused on the characteristics of the European flower market channels and understanding customer requirements.

Other nominated farms are:

Category imports:

  • Protealinhas from Portugal (protea)
  • Langano Lilies from Ethiopia (lilies)
  • Helechos de Cuero from Costa Rica (leather fern, tropical foliage)

Category flowers:

  • L. en A. Vreugdenhil (chrysanthemum, lilies, antirrhinum)
  • Holstein (gerbera)
  • Kwekerij Porta Nova (roses)
  • Mopabloem (tulip)

Category plants:

  • Chris Endhoven (cyclamen, helianthus, platycodon)
  • KP Holland (kalanchoe, spathiphyllum, anthurium, phalaenopsis, curcuma)
  • Oriental Growers (Lucky Bamboo, bonsai, ficus ginseng)