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Export value chain analysis of the Jordanian fruit and vegetables sector

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The Jordanian production of fruit and vegetables is considerable and even has room for expansion. Exports to most of its traditional markets Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Eastern Europe and Russia are under severe pressure because of closed borders, due to the Syrian crisis. Alternatives to reach the Eastern European and Russian markets, aren’t competitive or couldn’t be realised so far. Exports to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries are rising but cannot compensate all losses. For exports to high end markets, such as EU / EFTA, the sector doesn’t have the capacity yet.

This report, which was a co-production of Bureau Leeters and ProVerde, analyses the fruit and vegetables value chain in Jordan, emphasizing the bottlenecks in the chain that prevent exports along four themes and shows a set of interventions, aiming to rebuild and strengthen the export position of Jordan in fruit and vegetables.

For more information about this topic please contact ProVerde or download report: Report Export Value Chain Horticulture Jordan.