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FloraHolland integrates activities TFA

Today (14 January 2010), The Mavuno Group (Kenya) and flower auction FloraHolland announced that all the activities of Tele Flower Auction (TFA) of the Mavuno Group will be integrated into FloraHolland. This means that current TFA suppliers will broaden their sales network and strengthen their trade opportunities by connecting to the virtual clock systems of FloraHolland. For FloraHolland this is an unique opportunity to bind international producers and improve the assortment and buying power for buyers. Integration will be accomplished this year.

TFA, located in Amstelveen, organizes clock sales for suppliers in East Africa and the Netherlands. Roses are their main product. Buyers are based in the Netherlands and they also trade at the locations of FloraHolland. The integration includes all of TFA-auction activities. In addition to TFA, the Mavuno Group consists of the Oserian Development Company (250 ha farm) in Naivasha, Bloom (flower exporter/retail supplier in The Netherlands), World Flowers (retail supplier in the UK), Fast Track Flowers (retail supplier in the UK, grown product), East African Flowers (EAF, clearing in the Netherlands) and Airflo (freight forwarding) in Nairobi.

An important argument for Mavuno Group to choose for the integration of TFA with FloraHolland is the belief in the larger market potential for their current growers and buyers. Moreover, the TFA growers will receive access to the virtual clock systems, alternative digital selling systems and the direct sales of FloraHolland. For TFA suppliers and buyers this means increased efficiency in the logistical chain.

With the integration, FloraHolland realizes a further concentration of supply for her buyers, based on a harmonized and uniform system. For FloraHolland this means an opportunity to bind a valuable assortment of African and Dutch growers. This will support and strengthen the concentration of buying power and will contribute to the total auction activities.

About Mavuno Group
The Mavuno Group is focused on creating growth and results through partnerships and cooperation, developing synergies and allowing talent to flourish in the global fresh flower industry. With a company stretching back more than 30 years in producing, sourcing, supplying and trading, Mavuno provides an integrated supply chain from grower source to all market segments and customers worldwide. The Mavuno Group has seven companies employing more than 6,000 staff working or trading in over 60 countries.

About FloraHolland
The cooperative flower auction FloraHolland offers growers and customers a network of six (inter)national marketplaces (Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Bleiswijk and Eelde), a national intermediary organisation (FloraHolland Connect) and an internationally active Import department. FloraHolland is the world’s largest auction organisation processing more than 12 billion flowers and plants every year. FloraHolland employs around 4,400 people. Annual turnover exceeds 3,8 billion euros.

Source: TFA-website