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Growing importance of Remote Buying (KOA) in the EU flower trade

In The Netherlands, growing numbers of commercial companies are choosing remote buying to purchase their products on the auction. As with image auctioning, where the product is not physically present at the auction clocks, with remote buying (KOA), auction buyers need not be sitting in the stands.

Often, the wholesale companies have established a special dealing room on their company premises for this purpose. In the comfort of their own offices, anywhere in the world, they can buy online on all the FloraHolland auction clocks. Growers, who supply the products, can see in real-time on the Internet how the buying process is going.

How does KOA work?
On the screen, one clock is always shown as the main clock. This can be used for remote buying. The other clocks are running in the background, so you can switch rapidly from one to the next. Alongside the main clock, you may have a maximum of five supplemental clocks open on the video screen to follow these auctions by lot. These supplemental clocks display the grower’s name, the product, and the pricing structure.

99.9% of supply available at 5 a.m.
KOA buyers may download information on the day’s supply every auction day beginning at 4 a.m. In practice, this means that by 5 a.m. you will already have all the information you need for about 99.9% of the total cut flower, houseplant and garden plant supply for the day.

Source: FloraHolland