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Kenya Flower Industry Global Competiveness Report

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ProVerde’s 2012 report “Kenya Flower Industry Global Competiveness Report” was the result of a study to identify measures to improve government-industry relations, support innovative entrepreneurship and promote exports to strengthen the competitiveness of Kenya’s floricultural sector. By reviewing other leading and upcoming producer countries, this study offers opportunities to learn from their experiences.

With assistance from the Centre for the Development of Enterprises (CDE) and the World Bank Foundation, the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) developed a project to conduct a series of studies and activities to determine the global competitiveness of the Eastern African flower industry. Specifically the World Bank funded a series of regional video conferences between May and December 2011.

Last year, ProVerde was asked to prepare a World Bank Issue Paper on the competitiveness of the Kenyan flower industry and by extension the East African producer’s compared to other global producers and exporters. The paper provided an important contextual and experiential learning point for the other countries involved in the videoconference. Results from the study were presented and discussed during the conference.

In 2012, the CDE component of the project delved deeper into implementing some of the interventions identified, mainly in training, pilot projects and studies on the impact of taxies & levies, soil borne diseases with a focus on agro-bacterium, climate change and the role of strategic environment assessment.

The report is available through the Kenya Flower Council and CDE.