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Large ornamental plants from Costa Rica allowed to enter the US market

The US government has lifted the restriction on imports from Costa Rica of dracaenas with foliage larger than 18 inches (46 cm). Costa Rica is the only country that can export ornamental plants larger than 18 inches to the US.

The Federal Register of the US issued an amendment to its phytosanitary regulations, which allows the importation of ornamental plants of the species of Dracaena marginata larger than 18 inches from Costa Rica, giving a competitive advantage to national exporters.

“This is excellent news, which will stimulate the sector’s exports to the US because of the competitive advantage. This is the result of interagency efforts, which showed that the size restriction did not correspond to the rules governing international trade for products of plant origin. This is an important victory, which reaffirms our commitment to defend the interests of our exporters within the framework of the agreements”, explained the Minister of Foreign Trade in Costa Rica, Anabel Gonzalez.

During 2011, Costa Rica exported ornamental plants to the United States worth more than US$35 million. The expectation is that exports of this sector increase about US$15 million a year, according to projections from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Source: Central America Data & Costa Rica Relocation