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Market tours for flower exporters from Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia

During a series of market tours organised by ProVerde for CBI, companies were invited for a one-week market tour in The Netherlands.

When having the desire to export to the EU, it is essential for exporters to understand how the market operates. Who is buying flowers and what does that buyer expect from it? What happens with price and market position if this expectation is not fulfilled?

The market tours generally consisted of a combination of company visits and supporting workshop trainings.

The company visits focused on the most important players in the logistics and market chain of flowers in the Netherlands: from arrival of flowers to transport, agents/importers, auctions, buyers and outlets like supermarket and flower shops.

The programme was set up as a practical exercise. In this way, the programme linked directly with the day-to-day work experience and responsibilities of participants. To make sure that the market tour would be a lasting experience, participants received assignments for each visit and were asked to make an action plan and formulate learning points to present to their colleagues.