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Ornamental Natural Products: Inquiry for assortment

Believe it or not, but it is estimated that European consumers spend a staggering 15 billion euro on cut flowers and flower arrangements per year. This market does not only consist of cut flowers, but includes a wide range of product groups like foliage, dried branches and even dried fruits and vegetables. Colourful dried corn stalks (maize), for instance, have been a big hit as a component in bouquets and flower arrangements.

It is a well-developed and highly competitive market which approaches saturation in some countries. As a result, traders are continuously seeking new, special and different products to distinguish themselves. Consumers want to be surprised: see something new and unexpected in the shops. It is obvious that this huge market offers varying opportunities for companies in developing countries as potential suppliers of natural products with ornamental features.

In view of this opportunity, ProVerde is looking for ways to match demand and potential suppliers. ProVerde is an internationally oriented company providing trade facilitation and trade mediation services to primarily companies in developing countries. We are based in The Netherlands, the centre of international floricultural trade, and specialised in marketing cut flowers & plants, florist items, and biodiversity products.

A number of our contacts, who are active as wholesalers in the European floricultural and related sectors, have expressed interest in new suppliers from Asia, Latin America and Africa. Because of my background as a market specialist in these sectors, I am able to identify interesting products for them.

The products that we are particularly interested in are natural products that can be used for ornamental purposes (foliage, rattan, dried fruits, bamboo, ornamental seeds, etc.). These products will be used for flower arrangements, bouquets or as stand-alone items. Please observe that these do not include arts and handicrafts.

Do you also think you have interesting products with potential in the floricultural market? Or do you know organisations or companies that have? Then, I would like to invite you to send us an overview of the assortment, preferably with a catalogue, brochure or (digital) photos of the products.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Milco Rikken
ProVerde – Trade Strategies