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Platform Meeting “Kenyan-Dutch Horticultural Supply Chain”

Recently, on Thursday 23 May 2013, a second meeting of key stakeholders in the Kenyan-Dutch Horticultural Supply Chain was held in Schiphol, the Netherlands.

Last year, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned a study to obtain detailed insight into the performance of the Kenyan-Dutch horticultural supply chain. As part of a larger project, the study specifically aimed at identifying opportunities for further improvement in the efficiency of the supply chain.

The results of this study have been presented in 2012 to key stakeholders in the supply chain at meetings in Kenya and the Netherlands to share interim results and to obtain feedback in order to develop ideas for pilot projects. Subsequently, there have been exploratory talks with relevant parties who may play a leading role in the implementation of the recommended follow-up projects.

A total of 34 participants attended the meeting on the 23rd of May (28 in 2012). Most segments of the supply chain were well represented with growers, import agents, wholesalers (both specialised and supermarket channel), logistical service providers, airlines and representatives of Government institutions. Flower auction FloraHolland was also present with 3 persons.

The purpose of the meeting on 23 May was to inform key stakeholders about the outcomes of the platform meetings and the round of exploratory talks: What challenges have received follow-up? What initiatives are there? Which parties are involved? The meeting also aimed to jointly address still outstanding issues in order to ensure a strong and competitive Kenyan-Dutch horticultural chain.

Source: Hortiwise