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Capacity building floriculture sector Lebanon

RVO (2017-2018)

The floricultural sector in Lebanon is considerable for a country of its size (estimated 300 to 500 cut flower farmers and 500+ plant nurseries). This is for a large part possible because of the reasonably developed local market with (wedding season) when local production peaks and almost all demand is filled by local production. Imports on the other hand dominate during the winter months (including Valentine’s Day).

Furthermore, floriculture is considered as an interesting industry to create labour not only for the local, but also for the refugee population (agriculture is one of the sectors in which refugees with a staying permit are allowed to work).

The industry has not yet been able to position itself to put in place new strategies reflecting changing dynamics of the industry nationally and internationally; develop new programs and strengthen services that are collectively beneficial to the growth of the industry. There was a feeling that there are opportunities that are somehow missed because there is no clear strategic direction for growth.

ProVerde carried out an assessment of the future needed capacity of the Lebanese Ministry of Agricultur and the industry association with respect to the development of the Lebanese floriculture sector and formulated the Terms of Reference for the foreseen follow-up activities.