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Floricultural Research and Development Fund in Kenya

Kenya Flower Council (2007)

The Kenya Flower Council (KFC) proposed the project “Research and Development on Diversification of Products and Markets, and Post harvest Control in the Floriculture Sector Of Kenya” to the Kenyan-Dutch Partnership Programme for Market Access for Horticultural Produce.

The project addressed some of the challenges in further development of an export-oriented floriculture sector in Kenya that contributes to structural and sustainable poverty reduction. It has been initiated by a broad range of public and private sector stakeholders and is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

ProVerde provided comprehensive input for the business plan:

  • Experiences with similar funds operating in The Netherlands and/ or Europe were reviewed, including modalities of monitoring progress and results, and procedures for proposal submission and their evaluation criteria.
  • Review on-going floricultural/horticultural research in post harvest control and product and market diversification in the Netherlands.
  • Advise on institutional and organizational set-up for the fund.
  • Scope and modalities of operating the fund were proposed.
  • Research questions downstream (i.e. in The Netherlands and other EU markets) were identified and prioritised.