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Seminar internal and external customer orientation in Ethiopia

Besides the four workshops of the Master Class Flower Export, we also organise a general introductory seminar for flower growers in Ethiopia. This seminar on “Internal and external customer orrientation will be held on 21 and 22 September in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian exporters that are interested can request more information via EHPEA.

Seminar “Internal and external customer orientation” (2 days)
• European market channels and requirements.
• Understanding customer requirements.
• How to implement and strengthen a market oriented approach inside the participating farms.
• Auction game.

After the training, participants are informed about present market conditions and developments. They are able to translate and implement market information, client expectations and feedback to the different levels in the organisation: Analysis – Interpret – Action planning

Target group: export managers / farm managers and production managers
CBI consultants: Maarten van Schie, Milco Rikken