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The European Market for Fair and Sustainable Flowers and Plants

ProVerde is pleased to announce a new publication for the Trade for Development Centre:
“The European Market for Fair and Sustainable Flowers and Plants”

Given the importance of market transparency for producers aiming at selling their products overseas, the report provides relevant information for producers – within the trade context. The report makes an attempt to capture all relevant information on the European market for fair and sustainable flowers and plants – ranging from economic structure of this market to production characteristics, and major trends in consumer preferences and behaviour.

Above all, the report provides insight into the role of various social and environmental standards in the main European flower and plant markets and sales channels.

About the Trade for Development Centre
The Trade for Development Centre gathers, analyses and produces market information to improve market access for producers in developing countries. The Belgian government entrusted the implementation of the Trade for Development Centre programme to BTC, the Belgium Technical Cooperation.

About ProVerde
ProVerde provides market research and trade development services to companies, organisations and Government institutes. ProVerde is specialised in cut flowers & plants, fruits & vegetables, and biodiversity products.

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December 2010