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Upcoming flower training in Guatemala

A two-day training programme for flower growers in Guatemala on ‘External and internal customer orientation’ is scheduled for early February. The training programme is an initiative of CBI and Agexport and will be carried out by Milco Rikken of ProVerde and Maarten van Schie of OTV Wageningen.

The objective of the training is to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants in understanding customer requirements as well as the European market channels and requirements. After the training, participants are informed about present market conditions and developments. They are able to translate and implement market information, client expectations and feedback to the different levels in the farms. This is done in relation to the export of flowers, foliage and plant (materials) to the EU.

▪ The training consists of 2 programme days.
▪ Proposed location is Guatemala City, Guatemala.
▪ Proposed dates are 9-10 February 2010.

Target Audience
The training is meant for growers/exporters from small and medium-sized flower growing companies (more than 50% local ownership) who have export potential or are already exporting to the EU. The participants should have one of the following positions in the participating company:
▪ Export Manager / Farm Manager
▪ Production Manager

Further information
For further information on attending the workshop and venue please contact Mrs. Brigitte Obrock (Agexport), who is responsible for the logistical organisation and critical selection of participants on location.