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Upcoming new CBI product survey summer flowers

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ProVerde is currently working on the latest CBI product survey on summer flowers. This survey aims to provide developing-country exporters of summer flowers with product-specific market information related to gaining access to the EU markets. This product survey provides additional in-depth information, complementary to the more general information and data provided in the CBI market survey ‘The cut flowers and foliage market in the EU’. The product survey summer flowers discusses, amongst other issues, the following highlights: Report summary.

As a bit of a teaser, some highlights of the section on Solidago: In 2007, the number of Solidago stems supplied by foreign growers to the Dutch auctions decreased by 10%, compared to a relatively stable domestic supply (-0.3%). Nevertheless, imports still hold a market share of about 81% in terms of both volume and value. Sales of Solidago are relatively stable throughout the year, with peaks of around € 2.2 million in April and lows of € 1.0 million in June. Israel is the main supplier, followed by African countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Zambia.

• Even though the market share of the variety Tara has decreased slightly, the assortment of Solidago it still dominated by Tara, and to a lesser extent Tara Gold.
• The prices for Solidago have been quite stable over the past couple of years.
• More than 99% of all Solidago is yellow. Interest in colour-treated Solidago is increasing. Particularly the colours orange, red and blue are popular.
• Scandinavian markets demand thick, heavier stems than other European markets.