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Video about Wilmar Agro in Kenya

Since 2003, ProVerde has been one of the leading consultants involved in carrying out CBI’s training programme for flower exporters in Kenya. To celebrate the finalisaion of the programme, a video has been published focusing on one of the participating companies: Wilmar Agro Ltd, an export company marketing the produce of a large number of small scale farmers (outgrowers).

Wilmar currently handles and sells products of about 3,000 growers of mainly Asclepia Moby Dick, Ornithogalum saundersiae, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, Papyrus, Crocosmia, Statice, Erynchium and Molucella. The individual grower sells his flowers to Wilmar Agro and receives his money within seven days. Most products are traded via the FloraHolland auction in The Netherlands.

Wilmar Agro assists the growers with knowledge and supplies basic material such as seeds or bulbs. The large number of growers is organised in product groups. Each group grows one specific product and contains the supplies of 15 to 30 growers.

The video can be watched at: video about Wilmar

Some more background information about Wilmar and their participation in the CBI programme: article about Wilmar